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Why Slot Gaming Has Become So Popular

According to the UK Gambling Commission, there are over 183,000 slot machines in Britain. And thousands more can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Slots aren’t just all the rage in the UK, though; they’re admired all over the world. But why has online slots gaming become so popular?

Mobile Slots Gameplay

Even though traditional slot machines remain attractive, online slots have won the industry a new army of players. Why? Well, mobile slots are far more convenient than their predecessors. I mean, you don’t have to travel to such places as arcades or casinos to play them; instead, you can enjoy them 24-7 from the comfort of your own home.

Simplicity of slot games

Unlike other casino games such as poker, slots don’t force you to memorise complicated rules or strategies. In fact, all you really have to do is have a quick glance at the symbols before each game. Therefore, slots save you a lot of time and hassle.

Variety of Games

Due to advances in technology, there are more slot games available than ever before. And you can play games in a whole host of genres like sport, movies and mythology. With so many options on the table, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to slot gaming. Indeed, variety is most certainly the spice of slots.


Freebies are another big selling point for slots. Most online casinos offer users tons of complementary gifts and if you shop around, you can find free games, free spins and even free cash. Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, you can also get rewarded for your loyalty through  loyalty schemes. And since most of us love be pampered, we can’t seem to get enough of online slots.

Excitement of online slots

Make no mistake about it: modern slots are extremely entertaining. Furthermore, boasting strong

Thunderstruck Slot

This thunderous by Microgaming is a striking adventure awaiting worthy players to answer the call and discover the gold. This epic fantasy is a popular classic a favourite for many. You’ll be struck at how much fun this online slot is. Let’s get started and play now at Thor Slots!

Thunderstruck General Info

Thunderstruck is an online slot that features 5-reels with 9 paylines. This slot has been around for a while, its longevity is a testament to how enjoyable it is. This online slot is definitely an oldie, but a goodie. Try your luck and you may leave with riches beyond your belief.

Microgaming Slot Developers

Microgaming is the biggest name in the slot industry as they do not only create slots; they also create the software for the casinos on which the slots are played on. This gaming company boasts an impressive portfolio of games and casinos. An addition to their plethora of successful games is Thunderstruck. This gaming giant’s name has resounded throughout the industry ever since their creation of the very first online casino. Thunderstruck is a testament to their skill as it has remained relevant through the years, just like they have.

Gameplay on Thunderstruck

This 2004 release is, by no surprise, still relevant and played today. Microgaming truly did a good job with Thunderstruck. It is so popular that it even inspired a sequel, Thunderstruck 2. Thunderstruck features the Nordic God of Thunder himself, Thor. Try to prove you’re worthy and he may just let you leave with your weight in gold. The display of 5-reels and 20 paylines is standard video slot format meant for uncomplicated gameplay. Bonuses that make the game all that more tempting allows players to improve their chances at big rewards even more. The display features Nordic symbols that fit in well with the