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Criação Site Pelotas

Criação Site Pelotas

“Eu preciso providenciar a criação de um site?” Essa pergunta frequentemente surge na cabeça de muitos empreendedores e é muito simples sanar essa dúvida se isso também acontece com você. Se pergunte: Eu gostaria de ver meu produto ou serviço sendo encontrado pelas pessoas? Se a resposta foi sim, você achou a resposta para a pergunta que dá título ao texto:

Não é mais novidade, a internet veio para ficar. Olhe ao seu redor e veja quantas pessoas a utilizam a todo o momento em seus smartphones, tablets e notebooks. Eles podem estar procurando por você. E você precisa se organizar para criar um site para o seu negócio.


BrahmSoftware faz criação de sites em Pelotas para o Brasil e o mundo!

Afinal é preciso ter um website? Existem mais algumas dezenas de razões que provam que sua empresa precisa de um website. Listaremos aqui as que consideramos mais importantes:

Conheça 6 motivos porque é preciso criar um site (em Pelotas com a BrahmSoftware.com).

1 – Baixo custo para realização de marketing

Seu site é mais que um canal informativo, é uma vitrine que ajuda a divulgar seus produtos e serviços para uma ampla audiência. O investimento destinado à criação de um site é rapidamente recuperado se analisarmos seu alcance e o seu potencial de propagação da marca, em comparação às mídias tradicionais.

2 – Visibilidade

Uma pesquisa do IBGE mostrou que mais de 85 milhões de brasileiros com mais de 10 anos de idade (49,4% da população) usaram a internet, pelo menos uma vez, nos 90 dias que antecederam à data da pesquisa, em 2013. Provavelmente, muitos utilizaram os buscadores para se informar sobre os produtos e serviços que a sua empresa oferece. E se ela não estava ali, significa que perdeu muitas

Why Slot Gaming Has Become So Popular

According to the UK Gambling Commission, there are over 183,000 slot machines in Britain. And thousands more can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Slots aren’t just all the rage in the UK, though; they’re admired all over the world. But why has online slots gaming become so popular?

Mobile Slots Gameplay

Even though traditional slot machines remain attractive, online slots have won the industry a new army of players. Why? Well, mobile slots are far more convenient than their predecessors. I mean, you don’t have to travel to such places as arcades or casinos to play them; instead, you can enjoy them 24-7 from the comfort of your own home.

Simplicity of slot games

Unlike other casino games such as poker, slots don’t force you to memorise complicated rules or strategies. In fact, all you really have to do is have a quick glance at the symbols before each game. Therefore, slots save you a lot of time and hassle.

Variety of Games

Due to advances in technology, there are more slot games available than ever before. And you can play games in a whole host of genres like sport, movies and mythology. With so many options on the table, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to slot gaming. Indeed, variety is most certainly the spice of slots.


Freebies are another big selling point for slots. Most online casinos offer users tons of complementary gifts and if you shop around, you can find free games, free spins and even free cash. Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, you can also get rewarded for your loyalty through  loyalty schemes. And since most of us love be pampered, we can’t seem to get enough of online slots.

Excitement of online slots

Make no mistake about it: modern slots are extremely entertaining. Furthermore, boasting strong

Thunderstruck Slot

This thunderous by Microgaming is a striking adventure awaiting worthy players to answer the call and discover the gold. This epic fantasy is a popular classic a favourite for many. You’ll be struck at how much fun this online slot is. Let’s get started and play now at Thor Slots!

Thunderstruck General Info

Thunderstruck is an online slot that features 5-reels with 9 paylines. This slot has been around for a while, its longevity is a testament to how enjoyable it is. This online slot is definitely an oldie, but a goodie. Try your luck and you may leave with riches beyond your belief.

Microgaming Slot Developers

Microgaming is the biggest name in the slot industry as they do not only create slots; they also create the software for the casinos on which the slots are played on. This gaming company boasts an impressive portfolio of games and casinos. An addition to their plethora of successful games is Thunderstruck. This gaming giant’s name has resounded throughout the industry ever since their creation of the very first online casino. Thunderstruck is a testament to their skill as it has remained relevant through the years, just like they have.

Gameplay on Thunderstruck

This 2004 release is, by no surprise, still relevant and played today. Microgaming truly did a good job with Thunderstruck. It is so popular that it even inspired a sequel, Thunderstruck 2. Thunderstruck features the Nordic God of Thunder himself, Thor. Try to prove you’re worthy and he may just let you leave with your weight in gold. The display of 5-reels and 20 paylines is standard video slot format meant for uncomplicated gameplay. Bonuses that make the game all that more tempting allows players to improve their chances at big rewards even more. The display features Nordic symbols that fit in well with the

New Slot Games To Try Out 

Online casino is getting to the age where some avid gamblers on the platform may have been spinning the reels consistently for well over a decade. Because of this, there are now a large number of players who rarely stray from their online slot of choice, having fallen into the comfortable habit of their favourite title.


This is all well and good, but it does mean that a lot of players are missing out on some of the newer slot games being released, of which there are countless examples. Some of these are not very good at all, but the majority bring much needed innovation to the industry. Not to mention the technological strides made in graphical content, themes, and bonus rounds – these are things you really do not want to miss out on. So, let’s have a look at some new slot games to try out – click now.

Pirate Booty

Yohoho and a bottle of rum! Pirates will never get old as a theme, they are still just as fascinating now as they were back in their prime, and its therefore no surprise that online slot developers are using them for essential inspiration. Enter Pirate Booty, one of the newest titles from the up-and-coming developers Booming Games, a company that is bound to gain a lot more respect after this game.


It is quite literally fresh off the press having been released in June 2019, and acts very much like a modern game as well. The graphical content is absolutely top-notch and there are enough bonus rounds and features to make you richer than Blackbeard himself!

Well Of Wonders

Thunderkick’s Well Of Wonders is still one of the most innovative examples on the market, even though it has been a fair amount of time since its initial release. The developers have had

Blackjack Game Guide

Probably the most popular game in the world, Blackjack, which can be played here. It has everything inside it, adrenaline, math, strategy and suspense. Like all other card games, it has rules, those rules most of the time are the key which brings you to the victory. Do you know how? Keep reading and you will learn how to play successfully.


If you want to be a good player there is a rule which you must keep in mind, the rule number one, this is a Game. It does not matter what you believe or what you wish, all the games end with one or more losers, so bear that in mind and try to be the winner.


In this game you run against the Dealer, your Goal is to get the closest to the number 21 by summing the cards received from the Dealer, the perfect combination is the Ace of Spade and the 10 of Spade, if you got them you made a Blackjack.


There are 104 French cards in the sabot (2 decks), and the maximum number of players is 7 plus the Dealer. The Dealer distributes 2 cards in total for each Player and one for himself, then the game can start. Once all the players received their cards, the cards are faced up, it is the time to decide if you want to Stand, keeping the score that you reached or if you want to Hit. In the case you want to Hit, when your turn comes you can call a card. In this mini-guide, we are going to list you the 4 possibilities that you have when your turn has come.

Four Strategies you can implement

  •         The Stand, it means that you do not ask for more cards, you are going to face

Twin Spin Slot Game

Twin Spin

More often than not these days online slots are geared towards being as modern and forward-thinking as can possibly be, and whilst this does make for some pretty exhilarating playing, sometimes you are just after a spot of good old vintage reel spinning fun. Well, in these instances you really should not look any further than Twin Spin, a slot that you can play Twin Spin at 666 Casino today. It’s a deceptively simple online slot from NetEnt that can end up being an incredibly lucrative spinning experience.

About Twin Spin and its Features

Twin Spin takes classic casino as its primary influence, but in a cunning twist NetEnt have also incorporated a Sci-Fi edge to its aesthetic. The reels look incredibly antique, yet they are set against clusters of yellow spots that are meant to resemble stars. And the even cooler thing here is that these lights morph into different arrangements whenever you hit a win. As for the symbols used in Twin Spin, these could not get any less classic. Alongside the cards from 9 upwards there are the classic logos of red cherries, a golden bell, a gold bar, the number 7 and a serious looking diamond. All icons that perfectly channel the atmosphere of an old school Vegas casino.


Unlike most slots available these days Twin Spin does not contain any Wild or Scatter symbols, instead allowing for the focus to be wholly spent on racking up some big wins in the base mode. Rest assured, this is still more than possible across its 5 reels – especially with 243 ways to win. NetEnt show off their innovative side with the way Twin Spin works; you start each spin with two neighbouring reels that are linked together by red lights that glow behind them when they begin

Serviço de Ambulância em Pelotas

A BrahmSoftware.com fez a criação do site para o serviço de ambulância: Vital Saúde.

Sobre a empresa:

Vital Saúde – serviço de ambulância em Pelotas – sabe a importância e a responsabilidade de trabalhar com vidas, por isso, está sempre preparada para prestar o melhor atendimento, sempre trabalhando com amor e dedicação.

Fundada em 5 de outubro de 2012, na cidade de Pelotas a Vital Saúde se tornou realidade após a concretização de um sonho do seu fundador Sr. Marcelo Pinheiro Soares, contamos com a prestação de serviços de Atendimentos Pré Hospitalar (APH), incluindo remoções de pacientes, coberturas de eventos, área protegida. Ao longo desses quase 7 anos a empresa cresceu e aprimorou sua atuação no segmento. Com investimentos em tecnologia, estrutura, ferramentas de comunicação e gestão a Vital Saúde buscou qualificação para melhor atender seus clientes.

A importância de estar presente na internet

A importância de estar presente na internet


A internet é atualmente parte da rotina diária da vida da maioria absoluta das pessoas. Dificilmente você verá alguém que passe um dia sequer sem realizar uma pesquisa em uma das ferramentas de busca, consultar seu perfil nas redes sociais ou conversar com familiares e amigos através dos aplicativos de mensagens instantâneas ou via correio eletrônico.


A internet cresce exponencialmente a cada ano e esse movimento é irreversível. Em muitos lugares e setores, o comércio eletrônico registra índices superiores aos das vendas em lojas físicas, o que comprova que a presença digital é altamente eficaz para muitas empresas.


Diante desse cenário, entendemos que, independente de seu ramo de atuação ou do tamanho de seu negócio, é de extrema importância estar presente na internet. Listamos abaixo os principais motivos e benefícios que um website pode trazer para seu produto ou serviço.


1) Ser encontrado


Uma das pesquisas mais comuns nos mecanismos de busca é sobre algo “perto de mim”. Negócios locais como floriculturas, padarias, farmácias ou pet shops podem ser facilmente encontrados se tiverem um site na internet, fornecendo suas informações de contato e localização.


Consumidores estão sempre em busca de soluções para seus problemas e a maneira mais prática e rápida para isso é através da tela do smartphone. As ferramentas de busca conseguem trazer os resultados mais relevantes para quem está pesquisando, inclusive com a distância entre o cliente e o estabelecimento.


2) Criar relacionamento


Através de um site, você tem à disposição diversos recursos para criar e manter o relacionamento com atuais e futuros clientes. Seja informando adequadamente sobre horários de funcionamento, disponibilizando ofertas exclusivas, realizando ações promocionais ou distribuindo conteúdo educacional gratuito.


Clientes engajados com sua página se tornam consumidores fiéis de sua marca e representantes gratuitos de seu produto ou serviço, trazendo novos interessados para conhecer o